More Tangalory Isles paintings. For me, the sky is the most important element around the coastline of Scotland. I love trying to ‘capture’ it, although of course the real thing is always bigger and better. Tangalory Isles No1 is the most explicit, in that you can make out some landscape features. If I had to connect it with any one island it would probably be Westray in the Orkney Isles. But it is influenced by, and not a depiction of, the place.

Tangalory Isles

‘Tangalory Isles 1’; Acrylic on canvas; 75 x 75 cms

Tangalory Isles 3

‘Tangalory Isles No.3’. Oil on canvas; 20 x 20 cms

Tangalory Isles 4

“Tangalory Isles No.4”; Oil on canvas; 20 x 20 cms